The 7 Best Things About Empaths

Empaths are often seen as brooding emotional people who are at times overly sensitive to the world around them. Compassionate and loving, empaths are capable of deep unconditional love. Empaths are a mirror to those around them, often reflecting back to those around them both positive and negative traits. Yet empaths have special abilities that make them unique and quite possibly some of the best people to have in your life.

Here are the seven best things about being an empath...

Hug an empath

1. They always know when you need a hug

Swimming with mirror neurons, empaths will always know when you are happy, sad, angry, or somewhere in between. An empath will celebrate with your, cry over that breakup or commiserate with you over your mean boss. Be careful though, too much negative energy can overwhelm and empath sending them in a downward spiral for weeks because they will easily pick up the energy around them without knowing.

2. Love Deeply

The love of an empath is deep, passionate, and permanent, well as long as you don't do them wrong. When an empath is loved and supported in a relationship they will go to the ends of the earth for their partner. As long as you follow the proper care and feeding of an empath, you will have a life long friend or partner. Be sensitive the empaths need to decompress and have alone time, taking great care to not to push them into things they down want.

3.Won't give up on you despite your flaws

Empaths are born fixers, they are people pleasers, with the tendency to absorb others' pain and emotions. Empaths have a deep desire to nurture and fix the people around them. Empaths often work in the healing areas, and you will find them as doctors, nurses, or massage therapists. As emotional beings, empaths live not only with their emotions, but those of others.

As someone who deeply understands your flaws and your emotions, an empath will stick with you through thick and thin. Feeling all those emotions makes an empath have a deep desire to fix, but take care not to drain your empath because they are prone to compassion fatigue which can drain them and even make them physically sick.

As someone who deeply understands your flaws and your emotions, an empath will stick with you through thick and thin.

4. Will never intentionally hurt you

Feeling the pain of others around them means an empath will never go out of their way to cause you pain. In fact, most empaths are probably much less emotionally hurtful to others because they feel any pain they inflict on others in their own bodies and minds. For an empath to hurt someone else would d be like hurting themselves, which wouldn't be a great plan Sort of like hurting yourself. Not a strategy that most empaths would employ.

Empaths love the movies

5. Will always be game to stay home and chill

If you are looking for a ride or die when it comes to low key activities, an empath will be your best bet. Empaths loath big crowds of people, but invite an empath over to watch a Twilight marathon and gorge on popcorn and they are always in! Don't be offended though when your empath passes on going to a loud rock concert or a rowdy football game though, peopling that much can easily overwhelm an empath.

6. Always have the right answer to your problems

There is something about empaths that they always seem to have the right answers to every question you have. Sort of guru like an empath has a special ability to know just how to answer even your deepest darkest questions. Ask them anything and your empath will gladly share a wealth of knowledge that they have pulled out of the very fabric of the universe. Wondering if that advice they gave you is right? Don't an empath is almost always spot on with the advice and answers they give, so tread carefully if you ignore the advice and empath gives.

7. Human Lie Detector

You can never lie to an empath. No not even a little, not like ever. An empath has a built-in lie detector and will always know if you are telling the truth or not. If an empath finds out you have been lying it could quite possibly irreversibly damage a relationship with them. Honesty is the best policy with an empath. Even if you have everyone else fooled, an empath will see right through that and call you out on it. Good news is, they are great for reading that new potential partner and telling if you should swipe left or right.

Being an empath is not always an easy road, but having an empath in your life is one of the best things in the world, next to being one of course!

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