Quantum Leap Group Healing

Do you often wonder why you have negative things are always seeming to happen in your life? 

Why you are constantly arguing with your toxic family? 

Why no matter what you do you are still struggling financially?

Make time to understand your body's hidden messages and learn how to shift your emotions to stop feeling the effects of poor health, stress, anxiety, and just plain being physically drained.

Say goodbye to feelings of a loss of purpose or direction.

Three group sessions

Session 1:  What is your body saying to you? Learn the Secret Messages your body is holding for you and how subtle shifts can dramatically change your life! 
Session 2: Heal within, activate your bodies divine healing intelligence and release energetic blocks that cause a stagnant life. Open up your energy flow to new and exciting possibilities!

Session 3: Cut chords and attachments from unhealthy habits and relationships that are like a chain on your ankle, holding you back from the life you want to live.  Create an experience of rapid changes in your life and the quantum field.

Learn what to what successful, happy people already know.  Vibrate on a higher frequency as you raise your frequencies and shift the world around you to bring the higher vibrational experiences into your life.

Find your magic within.

Are you ready, class starts September 1st! 

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