September 6-8th 2019

FRIDAY 2:00pm - SUNDAY 11:00am

Ramah, NM 

Join me for a weekend camping retreat for mindfulness and healing at my personal property in New Mexico. It’s so important to find time to recharge, and I believe strongly that there is no better place than surrounded by the magical beauty of nature to start the healing.


Disconnecting from technology and the day to day business of life will enhance ad bring a new blissful meaning to your life. Discover a sense of peace and happiness, as you destress, unlock your creativity, and discover who you are. What used to be daily living for our ancestors two hundred years ago— engaging with the natural world—has become an act of intentionality. I invite you to join me to seek out you intentional healing, purpose, and self discovery. 

2 Days of Healing

Healer, heal thyself...

Bathe your spirit in the energy of the Zuni Mountains as you join me for 2 lighthearted days to rediscovering your soul's purpose where you will enjoy...

  • Group Energy Healing

  • Guided Hikes through ancient Ruins

  • Quiet Meditation

  • Thought Provoking Lessons. 

  • Meals for the Body & Soul

  • Sleep under the stars to re-set your circadian rhythm. 

What's included...

$100 Per Person

Group Healing Sessions

Guided Group Meditations

Group Intuitive Guidance


  Donations appriciated ( send to )

Additional Costs

Magical space to pitch your tent $45 ( One RV space available at $75)

Delightful meals $100 Per person for 2 days

Tent/Sleeping Bag Rentals Available

Shower and Bathroom facilities nearby

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