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Your decisions determine your destiny...

You hold all the power within you to create a magical life.


Your past creates your future. 

Your memories build your understanding of the world through your experiences. This how you understand how the world works.

Your subconscious mind then uses these past memories to control your future. 

Until you release the past you will keep reliving it in your future.

Discover the ancient secrets of  Energy Healing and the techniques that will help you release negative emotions quickly and bring your body into a balance.


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Energy Reading & Healing Session

This in-depth hour-long session is where we speak to your subconscious about what is blocking your energetic path ways, mending the soul, unlocking energy through Intuitive Energy Readings and Healing. This is a 60-minute call focused on reading and discovering energetic areas in your body that need attention.


4 Session Package

Powerful healing in one amazing package! A breath of fresh spirit-filled air to shift your life! 

Get 4 sessions for the price of 3!


Quantum Leap Session

Imagine waiting in line to get into a concert when you are pulled from the line and upgraded to VIP tickets in the front row. How would it feel to be fast-tracked to the life you have always wanted? Amazing? Incredible? Experience magical transformation through this 1 hour Quantum Leap Session.  


Medical Intuitive Session

Get answers and unlock the keys to vibrant health. Full body scan and chart provided in this 60-minute session.


Birthmark Reading

Your birthmarks have a Secret message for you & it will change your life.

Messages give us strength and there's no exception for the message your birthmark carries. Learn the path to success your birthmark carries.

1/2 hour session 1-2 page birthmark reading PDF included



Get answers and unlock the keys for a vibrant and magical life with a VIP day. 

Gain clarity on what is preventing your success in life. Step into your power as you realize blocks, old traumas and beliefs that hold you back in life. Call on the universal powers that dwell inside you to create a magical life that before now you have only dreamed of. 

  • 2- 2-hour sessions (Morning Afternoon)

  • Video recording

  • Energy Clearing Kit ( Will be sent out after your call. Included energy clearing spray, smudge, crystals picked to help you on your journey.) 


Avalible Sessions

Private Client Services

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Manage your life and energy for greater success. On-call support for persons of influence.

Here is some information about booking your session. 


Energy Healing & Reiki is a gentle non-invasive technique that will assist you in releasing dense physical, mental and emotional energies that are causing imbalances in your life. 


  • Once you start your call, I will explain to you the process and give you instructions on what to do before, during and after the healing.

  • We will start the healing session about 10-15 minutes after your session starts, and once you understand and are comfortable with the process and have all of your questions answered.

  • Please refrain from using any drugs or alcohol at least 72 hours prior to your session.

  • Arrive on time as we are often booked out a week or more in advance. Missed appointments and reschedules are not allowed, so please book your session carefully. If you miss your session there are no refunds. Please make arrangements to leave children with a caregiver as they can be disruptive to sessions.

  • Plan your session so that you have time to rest after. Strenuous activities such as working out or running are not advised within 24/48 hours of a session. 

  • The cost of Energy Healing may be covered by your HSA account, please speak with your benefits administrator about what type of information if any may be required for an alternative healer expense to qualify.