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“Stacee is amazing. An energetic shaman and down-to-earth diva, Stacee helped to unlock and unclog energetic areas in my body that were ping-ponging like lightning rods causing physical pain. I was a devastated mess and a gifted reader living in a fog from the physical pain and I couldn’t find my way through it alone. It was the day before my birthday and I wanted to celebrate with the gift of freedom. What I received was a clarity and joint healing that has changed my life, my perception, and the way I read and interact with my clients. Her humility, grace, spiritual talent, and passion for her work, and her clients makes her my go-to gal in an industry where many intuitives are skeptical of one another. She’s a friendly and personable breath of fresh spirit-filled air. And she is the real f**king deal."


Angela M.

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